UPDATE (July 6, 2015)

I would like to get started on this and as such have decided on a schedule and a couple of potential start dates.

Schedule: 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, 5pm-9pm (as my work schedule permits)

Potential Start dates (Character Creation session): Aug 8th, Aug 22nd, Sept 12th, Sept 26th.

Also I am attempting to set up a Slack page for us to use for more reliable communications. Expect invitations.

Please reply ASAP via Slack or email jesstrel at gmail dot com

Welcome to the central info dump for Jess’ potential Reign of Winter campaign.

I don’t have much to post yet but here are the basics:

We will be using the Pathfinder rules set, which is available for free online at paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/.

I will likely limit it to rules contained in the Core Rulebook, the Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Magic and Ultimate Combat, but that is subject to change and open for discussion.

The campaign itself will be the Reign of Winter Adventure Path, also put out by Paizo. Please try to remain unspoiled but basic story info can be found here.

Info about the game world in general, Golarion, can be found here.

Feel free to start concocting interesting character ideas but please refrain from actually building a character until I decide on guidelines. I generally prefer character creation to happen in person at the first session.

There is no set start date or even a schedule for this game yet.

Please also note that since I’m not sure what the schedule will look like I’m recruiting a few extra interested people, in case we have trouble filling the required seats.


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